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Product: Create Powerful Videos in One Take

The online course designed to help entrepreneurs become more confident and captivating in their videos (opt-in, sales, about, blog), leading to more engagement and conversions!

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Course cost: 3 tiers: $197 / $397 / $597

Payment schedule: every Friday via Gumroad

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Launch Plan

  • Main launch:
    • Cart opens: Tuesday, February 2nd (Groundhog’s Day!)
    • First 24 hours (10 am CST 2/2 – 10 am CST 2/3): 15% discount with code “earlybird”
    • Time sensitive bonuses: Thursday, February 4th – Sunday, February 7th
    • Cart closes: Wednesday, February 10th at 11 pm CST



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Learn how to create powerful videos in one take for your business with @nathanagin! [LINK]

Just launched! Create Powerful Videos in One Take with @nathanagin! [LINK]

Are you confident, clear, and comfortable making videos? If not, check out this course. [LINK]

This course looks amazing! Create powerful videos in one take with @nathanagin! [LINK]

I know I could definitely use this course on making better videos for my business! [LINK]

Stop making boring videos! Check out this new course from @nathanagin [LINK]

You’ll love talking to the camera and making videos thanks to @nathanagin and his new course. [LINK]

In his new course, @nathanagin shows us how to create a great relationship with the camera! [LINK]

Change your relationship with video and the camera with @nathanagin and his new course: [LINK]

Final hours to enroll: become more confident, clear, and comfortable with your business videos! [LINK]



Awesome – Nathan Agin just opened enrollment for his course Create Powerful Videos in One Take. And, there are lots of bonuses like script templates, interviews, and case studies. Get the full details here! [LINK]


Need some serious help with creating videos for your business? I am so excited to share my dear friend Nathan Agin’s new course: CREATE POWERFUL VIDEOS IN ONE TAKE!

I love Nathan’s easy teaching style, the practical tips, and the way he inspires me to get on camera! Create Powerful Videos in One Take teaches entrepreneurs how to change their relationship with video and the camera, leading to more confidence, clarity, and comfort on camera, which in turn leads to more engagement and conversions!

He just opened up enrollment: [LINK]


Nathan Agin says you may be making a ton of mistakes creating videos for your business that are costing you money… simply because you don’t know what to do.

Most people who make videos for their business are either terrified of it, or are terrible on it.

He’s just created a brand new course to help you bust through that and become more confident, clear, and comfortable on camera. It’s called Create Powerful Videos in One Take and you can learn more about it here. [LINK]


If you’re struggling to make engaging and captivating videos for your business, or if you’re terrified of being on camera, or if you *know* that what you’re doing isn’t working, I highly encourage you to check out Nathan Agin’s course Create Powerful Videos in One Take.

He’s a trained actor with lots of experience on camera in film, TV, and online. He takes the guess-work out of it. Check it out: he just opened enrollment. [LINK]




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Nathan’s Bio

Nathan Agin is the founder of Videos in One Take, which helps entrepreneurs become more powerful and captivating in their videos (opt-in, sales, about, blog), leading to more engagement and conversions. Nathan has appeared in feature films, a Super Bowl commercial, and on Jimmy Kimmel Live; he also produced and hosted a TV-quality travel/food pilot. He’s a classically trained actor and has created over 400 YouTube videos; on his Videos in One Take blog, he explains how he does it.



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