Before you even turn on the camera

  • The camera is your friend
  • Speaking from a place of authority
  • Setting a clear intention and managing your energy
  • Owning the moment—this is your time


Module #2: VOICE

How to sound like a professional speaker

  • Getting your body and voice ready and relaxed
  • The all-important breath and finding your golden voice
  • Exploring the musicality of how you sound
  • Beyond stumbling and mumbling


Module #3: SPEECH

How to avoid rambling and deliver your message clearly

  • Understanding and using different approaches and learning styles
  • What Shakespeare and lawyers can teach us
  • The power of rhetorical devices (not your boring high school English class)
  • Being deliberate and feeling confident


Module #4: COMFORT

How to truly relax, feel polished, and be camera-ready

  • What the heck to do with your eyes, hands, and everything else
  • How you can truly feel comfortable on camera (eliminating the “I look silly” syndrome)
  • Technical items that can make your life easier (framing, position, mark)
  • A (brief) overview on essential setup and gear



Communicate easily and effortlessly on camera (like the pro's)

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